Support Our School

Updated: August 7, 2023


Here are some ways that you can financially support the school. Thank you for considering to contribute to the ministry of Christian Education!


Our School is growing and we need more space! We have started a school expansion fund to raise money for construction costs.  Our first priority is a dedicated second classroom and a school gymnasium. 

GET STARTED If you would like to help us expand the school, you can do so by supporting our fundraiser at  You may also give offering at church or through the church's Online Giving website.

Donate directly to the school as an offering at church by marking a tithe envelope with an appropriate category.  You can also donate online through the church's Online Giving website! is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Conference and 100% of funds donated go through the local church office, just as if it were donated in-person.

GET STARTED Click the link to go to The name of the church is "Garden City Seventh-day Adventist Church" in Garden City, KS. You can choose either a One-time donation or a Recurring donation. Then type in how much you want to donate in one or more categories under Local Church. Appropriate school categories are "Church School Direct Donations," "HPCS Worthy Student Fund," and Building Fund/School Expansion.